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Perfect Practice Putting Makes Perfection

Alignment Triangle/ Golf Alignment aids/ Putting Alignment

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Alignment Triangle




The Alignment Triangle is training aid to test and practice your putting alignment. Almost every golfer has a difficult time lining up their putter faces to the intended line. I have tested over 200 hundred putts with pro golfers and amateurs, at all levels, and amazingly only 2 were lined up correctly. That is an astonishing 1% of the putts lined up correctly. My test included right to left putts and left to right putts from 10 and 20 feet. Practicing with the Alignment Triangle will train your eyes to have perfect putting alignment and improve your putting. This is one of best golf putting aids to improve your putting alignment!

 Alignment Triangle- Perfect Practice Sharpie-Bag of tees

Items Included:

  1. Alignment Triangle

  2. Perfect Practice Putting Sharpie

  3. 10 Perfect Practice Putting Tees



Testing with the Alignment Triangle:

On the putting green choose a hole with a little slope to it. Use one of your Perfect Practice Putting tees and place it in the ground 10 feet from the hole. Read the putt and place the second tee on the spot where you read the putt to break, for example, if you read the putt breaking 6 inches from right to left, then place the tee 6 inches to the right of the hole. Place a ball next to the tee at the 10 foot mark and align your putter towards the tee 6 inches right of the hole. When you believe you are aligned, then remove the ball and place the Alignment Triangle in front of your putter, make sure the triangle is touching the putter face with the line pointing to your intended line. Walk behind the Alignment triangle to see where your putter face is aligned. Repeat this process from 20 feet and the left to right putts. This will give you a good understanding on your alignment tendencies from both sides of the hole. If there is an alignment problem then follow the practice guide to improving your putting alignment.


Practice with the Alignment Triangle:

Use the locations from where you tested your alignment starting from 10 feet and working your way back to 20 feet.

  1. Place the Alignment Triangle next to the tee at the 10 foot mark, align the triangle to the tee next to the hole.

  2. Once the Alignment Triangle is perfectly lined to the tee next to the hole, hold down the triangle with one hand and take the Perfect Practice Putting Sharpie and mark a line on the green along the backside of the Alignment Triangle. This line should be facing directly at the tee next to the hole. Then remove the Alignment Triangle. Marking the green does not damage the grass.

  3. Place a ball directly in front of the line on the green. Place the putter on the line which should be aligned to the tee next to the hole.

  4. Practice putting golf balls at the tee next to the hole. Repeat this process from 20 feet and left to right putts.


Practice hitting 20-30 putts from each location and you will see a big improvement in your putting alignment.  The Alignment Triangle is the best golf putting trainer for improving your putting alignment, it is simple, efficient and effective!  Of all the putting training devices on the market the Alignment Triangle is the best!