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Perfect Practice Putting Makes Perfection

Rhythm Stick

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Rhythm Stick


The Rhythm Stick is a practice putting aid which builds a perfect rhythm in your putting stroke to master distance control on the greens.


Distance control is the most important factor in putting and the most important factor in achieving distance is consistent rhythm. Consistent distance control is what separates good putters from great putters. 3 putts are the most dreaded aspect of putting and most 3 putts occur because of the lack of distance control.

Rhythm is the key to perfect distance control and ball impact on a consistent basis. Putting is 40% of the total golf score and having putting rhythm on a daily basis will allow you to have less 3 putts and make more putts.

Rhythm is equal distance back and forward and the best way to improve your rhythm is without a hitting a ball. The Rhythm Stick is the best visual feedback tool to help you build the perfect putting stroke. The most effective way to work on rhythm fundamentals is without a ball and to have a visual tool to practice with while putting.


The Rhythm Stick is the perfect putting aid to practice your rhythm at home or on the golf course. This “cold practice” (putting without a ball) tool will build the proper rhythm in your putting stroke to give you the confidence to putt the ball the perfect distance.  This is the best golf putting aid to improve your putting rhythm!

The 44” Rhythm Stick fits in your bag, which can be used as an alignment aid on the putting green or practice range.


Working with the Rhythm Stick:

  • Place the Rhythm Stick on the ground.

  • Place the putter on the black line, in the middle of the stick, and get into your putting stance.

  • Practice your rhythm by stroking the putter to the same color back and forward not changing your rhythm. Start the practice routine by putting 5 rhythmic strokes to the color yellow.

  • Reset at the black line and start 5 new rhythmic strokes at the orange line.

  • Continue the 5 rhythmic strokes to each color for 2 cycles. This will give a total of 50 perfect rhythm strokes.



A regular practice routine with the Rhythm Stick will build the perfect acceleration into impact, which is the key to perfect distance control.